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PyClip 3-0.02.03 Renault car diagnostics

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Description: RENAULT diagnostics with ELM327.
For the application to work properly, an ELM327 adapter with hardware version 1.5 is required, which must support Flow Control.

Program features

Reading all parameters from all vehicle control units - engine, transmission, etc.
Reading, decoding of all fault codes and parameters during error fixation.
Testing of sensors and actuators.
Configuration of control units.
How to use

To use the application, you will need an ELM327 adapter - original or Chinese with chip version 1.5. On Android 8 and above, communication with the bluetooth version of the adapter may be interrupted, in this case it is better to use the WI-FI version. While working with WI-FI ELM327, the Internet will not be available.

start screen

START - Program start.
ELM port - adapter port, or Wi-Fi adapter address. The Wi-Fi address is specified in the adapter's IP:port format.
Language - language.
Demo mode - run the script in demo mode with the saved file savedEcus.p
DUMP - saving block dump. It is recommended to do this before any parameter changes in the machine in order to be able to correct the unexpected consequences of such changes.
Orientation landscape - launch in portrait mode.
Scan vehicle - select a car model.
Generate logs - enable the logging function. The log file may be needed to analyze the error, check the block address, and in other cases.
Log name - The name of the log file.
CAN2 (Multimedia CAN) - use the CAN2 bus with the appropriate adapter. on which the media resides.
Font size - Font size in the program.
KWP Force Slow lnit - use the slow-init option for older blocks. If you have a car before 2009 with an unstable connection, it is better to activate it.
Use CFC0 - software flow-control, enable if the ELM327 adapter does not support hardware.

Structure of control units

DE : Device errors - reading, deleting errors.
ID : Identifications - check the VIN of the unit, firmware version, equipment, etc.
SY : System state - display of current main readings (speed, voltage, temperature, etc.).
SP : System parameters - output of the current parameters of the block, without the possibility of change.
LC : System configuration - output of the current configuration, without the possibility of change.
AC : Executing tests - launching block testing scripts (for example, check all the tidy lights, relays, etc.).
CF : Changing configuration CAREFULLY!
VP : VIN programming - programming VIN, wired into each block.
RZ : Resets - Resets all block and calibration errors.
ECM : Extended command set are configuration scripts. Most do not work (probably while the script is being finalized), but you can get acquainted with the principles of work using the “show” command and after the phrase “There is scenarium. I don't support them!" press "enter" when prompted.

PyClip 3-0.02.03 Renault car diagnostics
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