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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.12.101 Pro Full

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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.12.101 Pro Full

Description: The program is designed to receive and display diagnostic information about engine operation via the OBD-II interface.

To connect, you need an OBD-II bluetooth adapter.
The program itself is able to receive all the information via the OBD2 interface.
There are 15 customizable screens. You can display information in the form of graphs, digital values, dial. There are several predefined widgets, you can create your own.
The program is able to display the current parameters of the engine, display and decode error codes, erase errors from the car's ECU (turn off the check engine light on the dashboard).
a detailed description of the standard parameters is available on the OBD-II_PIDs wikipedia.
You can set alarms for various sensor values, for example, coolant temperature, engine speed, speed.
You can download or customize the extended set of OBD2_PIDs defined by the car manufacturer.
The program can automatically send logs of sensor values ​​to the web server and then you can see the route and sensor values ​​at different times.

Some of the program's features:
• Measurement of torque.
• Reading and display of information about the temperature of the engine and passenger compartment.
• Customizable panels.
• Determination of speed and location using a GPS tracker.
• Sending your routes by email or social network.
• Reading and display of vehicle errors, as well as their reset.
• Resetting the Check-Engine.
• Various plugins for Torque Pro.
• Lots of different themes.
• Compass with GPS support.
• Connections of third-party applications, simple interface.

What's new:
Minor bugfix to do with app startup

Type: Modification
Version: 1.12.101

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