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Peugeot LASER v. 6.5.0/AP2c

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Description: Peugeot LASER v. 6.5.0/AP2c 02/2005
An electronic catalog of spare parts, accessories, as well as built-in documentation for the repair and maintenance of Peugeot cars of the 1990-2000s (ending with fresh models 307, 407, 607, 807).
Designed for authorized service centers. Part numbers are original.
Language - English, French, German etc (no Russian). It is configured during installation (attention! since the installation menu is in French, do not look for the "English" option in the selection window - English is listed as "Anglais" there).

Installation instructions - attached (file ReadMe!!!.txt, located in the folder Disc 1 INSTALL). Be sure to follow ALL steps.
The program can work both completely from the hard drive and from the disk - how to choose this, read the instructions.

Add. information:

Release year: 2005
Version: 6.5.0/AP2c

Download file: peugeot-laser-v_-6_5_0-ap2c-02-2005__carsoftos_com.torrent [13.93 Kb] (downloads: 255)
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